The Concrete Grinding and Concrete Polishing Process

Concrete flooring offers multiple options for durable, fashionable flooring. With each style comes its own maintenance and care procedures. Here are some concrete polishing tips to help you get the most out of your concrete floor covering.

After your concrete slab is laid it will need 1 to 3 weeks to cure. For a brand new slab, we recommend grinding the slab before beginning construction. This way, you can grind the slab as flat and evenly as possible. At this stage, the customer should be on site to approve the amount of exposure. If construction has already begun, or the home is already existing, its best to leave off skirting boards and joinery. Final paint coats should also be completed after the slab is laid and completely cured.

The next stage involves grinding, then polish. Grind with a coarse pad such as 30 grit to preferred exposure and Flatness, making sure the entire floor is ground evenly. Consult with customer regarding the amount of exposure. Next, grind with a medium 60 Grit sanding to remove any scratches. Then, grind with a fine 120 sand, also grouting the floor using a combination of dust from the concrete as well as grouting agent, to fill in any gaps or cracks throughout the concrete. You may apply a densifier or hardener which reacts with the concrete to create an extremely durable surface.

After one day, you can apply another light coat of hardener and remove residue using 50 Grit Resin Pads. Then apply another coat of hardener and allow it to dry. You can remove and re-polish the concrete hardener a few more times before polishing the concrete with 400 grit resin pads or 800 grit resin pads, depending on the type of finish you want. For a full gloss, polish with 3000 grit resin pads.

Next you’ll want to apply an impregnating sealer or enhancer, specifically designed to prevent stains, fats and oils from permeating your concrete surface, at the same time enhancing the natural colour of your concrete.

Finally, we then buff off any excess enhancer, and your floor is ready to use! Always use the best machinery, diamond tooling, and polishing pads you can find, for the best concrete polishing results.

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