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True Polished Concrete

These extremely versatile floors are perfect for anyone who needs a high-performing floor to withstand even the toughest foot traffic.

Polished concrete flooring is suitable for both new concrete slabs and old slabs, so if you’re renovating and removing old flooring, we can bring your floors back to life and make them look stunning.

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The HiPERFLOOR system for achieving a decorative, high-gloss finish for exposed aggregate floors enhances the beauty, strength and abrasion resistance of the floor while reducing maintenance and costs.

The method and warrantees that follow are limited to these specifications and cannot be applied to any other flooring system. As certified HiPERFLOOR contractors, LVCP Commercial is licenced...

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Grind and Seal

The grind and seal approach  is faster and cheaper, however the seal does require being maintained every few years, especially in higher traffic areas, such as walk ways and seated areas.

The grind and seal process involves preparing the surface using a concrete grinding machine. We grind the concrete to expose the level of aggregate you want to feature and then repair any cracks or divots as necessary.

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Concrete Coatings

As with most services, there are the premium approaches, and this is the “beez kneez” of finishing your concrete slab to perfection.

With both our premium approaches, HiPERFLOOR or our standard premium grind and polish, you will have a beautifully polished concrete floor, requiring next to no maintenance for years to come (it may however need a sweep and mop from time to time).

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