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True Polished Concrete Melbourne

Polished concrete differs from a Grind and Seal in that the shine is achieved by mechanically buffing the concrete, rather than through the use of sealant products which would need reapplying every five years or so. Mechanically polishing concrete is more time consuming, longer lasting and requires an experienced eye to get the perfect finish. It’s for this reason that polished concrete flooring comes with a higher price tag than concrete sealing.

Polished concrete flooring has gained popularity in recent years due to the ever popular contemporary look, versatility and ease of maintenance.

What's involved in

the True Polished Concrete process?

It’s perfect for residential homes and garages, commercial properties including restaurants and retail premises and industrial warehouses or shopping centres, hospitals or car dealerships. These extremely versatile floors are perfect for anyone who needs a high-performing Epoxy floor to withstand even the toughest foot traffic.

True Polished Concrete is the highest quality of concrete floor finishes, unlike any other, the finish is outstanding. The luxurious ultra smooth glass like look and feel will give any area a neat, fresh, beautiful appearance that is hard wearing with timeless appeal. Using the combination of diamond abrasives and resin technology we grind down your concrete in various stages to the level of preferred stone exposure & fill small cracks and holes as required. After correcting imperfections we use a resin technology to polish the concrete. The concrete is then hardened using a densifier which increases the concrete surface strength up to 400%

True Polished Concrete can be customized to suit individual & personal preference by selecting the right level of exposure you require and has a choice of either Matt, Saturn or Full Gloss. Exposure levels range from either a full exposure where stones in the concrete are highly visible, to Random Exposure, Light or Nil Exposure where no stones will be shown although some stone exposure choices may vary depending on your concrete.





Who is True

Polished Concrete suitable for?

Polished concrete flooring is suitable for both new concrete slabs and old slabs, so if you’re renovating and removing old flooring, we can bring your floors back to life and make them look stunning. With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, the professional team at Concrete Grinding Solutions will ensure your home or business premises has the finish only an expert can provide!