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What is the Hiperfloor process to concrete polishing a floor?

With the increasing demand for decorative flooring options, an individual’s choice of alternatives also increases.

Concrete is a medium, which provides unparalleled advantages in design flexibility, longevity, strength, low maintenance, hygiene and cost effective flooring. Giving you the ability to customise and individualise your project.

CGS Australia offers a range of Concrete Grinding
and Concrete Polishing finishes:

  • Demolition and Preparation grinding for concrete slab surface rectification.
  • Coatings including Epoxy, Polyurethane and Acrylic products and associated surface preparations.
  • Liquid hardeners and penetrating sealers.
  • Hardened and mechanically sealed concrete like HiPERFLOOR the market leading sealer less polished concrete system.

CGS Australia believes HiPERFLOOR is the premium polished concrete product on the market today, and with Husqvarna’s regulation of the use of HiPERFLOOR it is only being applied by experienced and trained contractors.


Husqvarna PG680s are three phase, dual drive concrete grinders that offer unparalleled levels of productivity and control.

When used in conjunction with Husqvarna’s DC5500s dust extractors the process is as clean and safe as possible, with all airborne dust and a majority of surface dust captured and sealed in disposable bags.


The HiPERFLOOR system for achieving a decorative, high-gloss finish for exposed aggregate floors enhances the beauty, strength and abrasion resistance of the floor while reducing maintenance and costs.

The method and warrantees that follow are limited to these specifications and cannot be applied to any other flooring system. As certified HiPERFLOOR contractors, LVCP Commercial is licenced to install HiPERFLOOR

The HiPERFLOOR system is an indoor application for showrooms, high-end real estate and areas where aesthetic properties that include flatness and reflectivity of the floor are a top priority. In addition to a reflective and decorative floor, the HiPERFLOOR system provides unparalleled advantages in design flexibility, longevity, strength, low maintenance, cost effectiveness and hygiene.

HiPERFLOOR can radically transform and be used for a broad range of new and old constructions.

HiPERFLOOR is a process of treating concrete, to close up the pores by filling and hardening the surface, then polishing the surface to make it serviceable and increase the aesthetic appeal.

Any quotes include all labour and material to polish and finish all specified surfaces. This includes the consultation and if necessary, supervision, regarding concrete products, installation and concrete finishing procedures.



  • For maintenance purposes the floor should to be regarded similarly to a semi porous limestone product.
  • The floor is alkaline in nature and will react strongly to acids.
  • The floor has been sealed with an impregnating sealer product, designed to prevent contaminants from being drawn into the floor. The contaminants remain active on the surface to allow for easy clean up, if cleaned straight away.
  • The floor should be cleaned with Easy Care. Only Easy Care or neutral cleaners should be used.
  • A micro fibre mop is an excellent way to pick up dust, dirt and hair. It can be used wet or dry.
  • A light buff (medium coarseness nylon pad) is acceptable when it is necessary.
  • The floor will increase in lustre the more it is cleaned and buffed.
  • Things spilt on the floor need to be removed and cleaned immediately.
  • Difficult stains can be cleaned with undiluted Easy Care or a product similar to Lithofin MN Power Clean, or for engrained Oil we recommend Lithofin Oil Ex.
  • If a stain is impossible to remove LVCP Commercial should be contacted. LVCP Commercial will address any further difficulties.
  • Please remember that this is a natural stone product and should be treated as such. Polished concrete is a very hardwearing surface and with regular cleaning and care, will provide a lifetime of aesthetically pleasing, environmentally caring and trouble free use.

Concrete floor Warranty

The warranty of the product is limited to 7 years from date of completion. The warranty covers non-dusting of the polished concrete surface, major stain removal, and surface hardness. For full warranty, refer to warranty documents. This warranty is void if the cleaning and maintenance schedule is not adhered too.

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