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Spruce Up Your Place with Grand Concrete Floors

Never underestimate the effects of a well-polished concrete floor. Just because it’s something everyone steps on every single day doesn’t mean that it offers few advantages. In fact, a great floor can help business owners in keeping their clients as it holds pleasant aesthetics without sacrificing safety. Homeowners will find that it makes the ambience of the whole room a lot more pleasant.

How does a floor change the entire look of a room? Well, let’s take a look at these examples: Imagine coming home from a hard day at work, and you are greeted with the sight of a dull and lifeless floor. For some reason, you keep on tripping. Now, let’s change the scenario. You come home all stressed out from work but your flooring is just flawless. Which situation do you think would make you marginally better?

There are many types of flooring systems to choose from, so what makes concrete floors great? Why do many establishments prefer this type of flooring over others? Is it worth the price you pay? Presented below are just a few reasons why concrete flooring is just amazing:

Perks of Having a Polished Concrete Floor

  1. Longevity. No one likes things which look amazing one day and just look entirely different the next day. One of the things that concrete flooring systems is well-loved for is that it can withstand damages for a long time. In fact, it needs heavy and serious damage for a concrete floor to be irreparably damaged. So if you want your flooring to be long-lasting, consider getting concrete for your floors. This flooring system can even last up to 10 years.
  2. Cleanliness. Everyone wants their spaces to stay clean at all times. The smooth and usually reflective surface make it easier for you to spot any dirt and other blemishes on the floor. Also due to its smooth finish, dirt does not stick as on the surface as much as it would on other flooring surfaces. Unlike other flooring choices, concrete does not decay thereby lessening the chances of having microbes multiplying under your feet. The fact that dirt does not accumulate too much on concrete means that allergens are kept at bay. Besides, even when this floor is exposed to moisture, moulds and mildew are still less likely to grow.
  3. Simple Cleaning Process. Not everyone gets thrilled at the prospect of mopping up the floors, especially when the process is rather complicated and long. You won’t have to worry about getting your floor all dirty, and then stress out about how hard it is to remove floor stains when your floor is concrete. Most concrete floors have a protective coating which makes it resistant to liquid spills and staining. You won’t need too many products to keep your floor polished and flawless. Most of the time, all you’re gonna need are gentle floor cleaner and a vacuum to keep the surface smooth and clean. Even soapy water is enough to get the job done well.
  4. Customization. Most of the times, we want our space to have a distinguishing appearance. Concrete flooring systems have different options to choose from–from colours to textures. You can even opt to use existing concrete or have a decorative overlay instead. If you want, you can combine different colours scheme to create a very specific look for your rooms. This is great if your company has a trademark colour pattern which you want to be incorporated on your overall aesthetics. There are many concrete finishing to choose from, and you can choose to have a non-slip coating to avoid people from slipping.
  5. Eco-friendly. The use of concrete does not deplete the earth of its natural resources. It just uses materials which can be easily found. It does not use hazardous chemicals for installation and maintenance. Most concrete flooring options also do not possess potentially damaging volatile organic compound (VOC’s), and there are also zero-VOC sealers which can be used as a coating. Concrete floors are also energy efficient as it readily absorbs both cool and warm air.
  6. Design as much as you want. If you want to change the appearance of your space every now and then, but don’t want to constantly have a renovation, just throw in a rug or carpet on your floor and watch the room change visibly. So long as there are heavy cracks and bumps, you can place different materials on the surface. You can even use a rug to cover imperfections and say that it is part o of the aesthetics you were going for. If you do not want a glossy finish, you can just apply silicone-based sealers to have a more matte and classy appearance. Concrete is not too picky with different coating and sealers, as you can almost use anything to create the appearance you prefer.
  7. Cost-Effective. Most flooring options can cost a lot of money from installation to maintenance. Some of these floor systems are inexpensive at the start but can dry up your budget in the long run. The repairs and renovations you have to do countless of times in just a few year’s time are going to make you spend more money. Depending on the type of concrete flooring service you want, you are going to pay a lesser amount. Even if you do have a bigger amount to pay, the fact that it doesn’t require heavy maintenance and that concrete is very durable makes you save up in the end.

Melbourne Concrete Floor Specialists CGS at Your Service

To get the perfect flooring system you have always wanted to, and which you clearly deserve, just call our landline or drop by at our office. Our floor grinding experts are well-trained and highly equipped to respond to your polished flooring needs. We have over two decades of quality service, and we have practically seen and heard it all but we constantly upgrade our knowledge and skills. We are not just experienced and qualified but we are tested and trusted by real people and real companies.

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