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Pouring The Perfectly Polished Concrete Floor

Pouring concrete should not be taken lightly as it is an intricate job that requires an expert hand for several reasons. If concrete is not poured correctly, it could crack prematurely, which means that you will end up spending more money to repair or re-pour the concrete again. It is wise to ensure that it is poured perfectly the first time.

Understanding What You Want

Knowing what you want should help you weed out the companies that cannot full fill your needs. This is an important step because there are a lot of cement pouring companies to choose from, and you should eliminate as many as you can.

Mixing Your Cement

One thing you can consider is the type of stone that you want mixed with your cement to give your project that special look. The stone that is mixed with the cement determines the overall look and durability of the cement once it is set.

A common stone used is limestone, which is readily available and easily processed. This fact is the reason it is the most common and inexpensive option. Limestone is used on highways and most buildings, so it is definitely a durable option.

Other options to consider are granite or trap rock, which have similar properties and are vastly superior to limestone. Both of these stones are a lot more durable and resist abrasion much better than limestone. The difference is granite is a lot lighter in colour than limestone, and trap rock is a lot darker.

Sandstone is another durable and special stone that can be added to a mix. Its attraction is the natural quartz content that gives the final produce a sparkle-like quality that is simply missing with many other stones. The drawback is that sandstone has many voids within its composition, which allows it to absorb moisture. Moisture can come from anywhere like a humid location or a snowy location. The moisture absorbed causes the cement to expand and return to its size afterwards, which adds pressure to the stone and eventually cracks the concrete. This is why sandstone is not used in areas with a lot of rain or snow.

If you want something extra special that will add even more spark to your mixture, you should consider pebbles made from synthetic resins and luminescent materials. This is an interesting way to light up a pathway without the need of electricity, which is very eco-friendly of you.

Other Options For the Cement

You should also consider some of the other options you have regarding your cement. For example, you can simply dye your cement with different colours. Some of the colours available can resemble other materials that might be a little more expensive to install or not durable enough. One example is to make the concrete resemble brick, and make the final touches by using the pre cast concrete procedure to produce a brick-looking pathway.

Preparing the Area

You might not have thought about this, but it is important to ensure that you have the right team to prepare the area where the new cement will be poured. This usually means Concrete Grinding, so hiring a professional grinder to clear the way should be one of the first things you do.

You should also consider the level of civil engineering expertise that is required before starting the project. You will need to carefully ponder this, especially if you are pouring cement in an area that is going to be trafficked by more than a few parked cars. Driveways need a little more preparation to ensure that it lasts, such as REO bars. These bars should be provided by trusted steel fabricators to ensure the utmost quality. You should remember that these bars will make the cement a lot stronger, which should withstand more abrasion and weight than it would otherwise.

Finding Those Long-Lasting Finishes

The job is not done once the cement is set because you also need a little protection and glossing that a good concrete polishing will take care of for you.

A good coating will help ensure that the natural shine from the concrete sticks around for a long time. This means the use of products like epoxy, polyurethane, or acrylic coatings will be needed. Concrete finishing also involves protecting the finished product from moisture and other liquids that might try to creep into your cement, which can cause premature cracks. This is why they will add liquid hardeners to seal the small cracks that moisture might use to penetrate the cement.

To add that special luster, the HiPERFLOOR process should be used. This is a highly-skilled process that adds reflective properties and flatness to the cement. The cement’s pores are completely sealed during this process, which adds incredible longevity to the floor.

Let Cleaners Finish Up the Job

The last thing you might want to consider is using a small cleaning business to help add the finishing touch, which is basically buffing up the job. This is a job that needs to be done more than just once. Cleaning your concrete restores the luster every time it is done. Gathering up enough grime to hinder the concrete’s natural luster will take some time, but you will need to have those friendly cleaners back on the job every few months or so. Be sure that the cleaners use neutral solutions or Easy Care as well as Only Easy Care products, which are some of the best products for floors treated with the HiPERFLOOR Polished process.

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