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Guide To Pouring & Polishing Concrete Surfaces

Concrete pouring requires expertise and skill. Concrete that has cracked because it was not poured properly can add time, stress, and financial strain to your project. By the time you have repaired or repoured the concrete, you may wish you had left the job to professionals.


All cement is not created equal. There are different stones to mix in the cement that can change its appearance, strength, and permanence. Knowing what you are looking for can shorten your investment of time in the project.

Limestone is commonly used because it is in abundant supply and is easy to work with. This makes it an economical option. Durable limestone is often preferred for buildings and highways.

Granite and Trap Rock are tougher than limestone, more resistant to scratches and abrasions. The main distinction between them lies in the color, with granite being much lighter.

The advantage of sandstone lies in its aesthetic appeal. It contains quartz, and final products containing sandstone have a subtle sparkle. It does not have the durability of the other stones. Its composition includes many tiny invisible holes. These holes absorb moisture from the environment, particularly precipitation like rain or snow. The constant absorption, release, and reabsorption of moisture causes the cement to expand, return to its original shape, and expand again. The constant flux stresses the concrete, leading to inevitable cracking. Consequently, sandstone is not a good choice for areas with a lot of humidity and precipitation.

Synthetics can take the idea of sparkle to a new level. You can choose a pebble of man-made resins and materials with a luminescent quality. Used in the right location, perhaps a footpath, they can provide illumination without electricity, eliminating cost and reducing your carbon footprint.

Your choices do not have to end with the composite materials of your concrete. You could add a dye. Dyes can give you the look of a more expensive stone at a reasonable cost. For instance, if you would like a brick walkway, but had given up hope because it is beyond your budget, dye can help you get the same look. Choose the dye that matches the brick color you would have chosen, and allow professionals to change a simple concrete walk into a pre cast concrete masterpiece.


Not everyone has a degree in civil engineering in Melbourne, or even knowledge and training to answer questions. For example, how will you clear the area in question? Will there be a need for concrete grinding? Do you need reo bars from reliable steel fabricators to reinforce the area? These questions, and more, can be properly addressed by a professional.

The Finishing Touches

A high-quality coating will give your final product gloss and protection. Materials like polyurethane, epoxy, and other acrylics harden into the invisible small cracks in your concrete. These products keep the moisture out, avoiding cracking. The HiPERFLOOR process is the perfect product for your fresh concrete. It adds sheen, smoothness and years to your enjoyment.

Concrete clean Up

Hire cleaners to finalize your surface. A small business office cleaner will know how to treat it, buffing the surface for a rich luster. Your concrete will get dirty. Keeping it in top form will require repeat visits, so find reliable friendly cleaners and establish a business relationship with them. They may need to come every few months. Find cleaners that use solutions that are neutral, like Easy Care products, compatible with HiPERFLOOR finishes.

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