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If you want to transform your ordinary concrete, slab epoxy flooring gives almost endless options. Popular amongst commercial and industrial clients for its look and easy maintenance and excellent chemical resistance, this style of concrete sealant can be customised with a variety of colours and flecks to create a unique look. Epoxy is highly resistant to chemicals and solvents and has good abrasion-resistance. Epoxy also makes the ideal solution for water resistant floor solutions.

In a process that’s very similar to a grind and seal, we prepare the floor by grinding the surface and smoothing any inconsistencies. We then combine a curing agent and a base, mixed at a particular ratio and apply the epoxy resin sealant evenly over the surface of the concrete slab. As the resin dries, it hardens creating a durable surface that looks amazing and is very easy to maintain.

Incorporating a grit into the resin makes the epoxy resin non-slip and suitable for certain commercial and industrial clients.

Vinyl Chip Floor

  • Hard wearing
  • Epoxy non slip
  • Chemical resistant
  • Cement based concrete veneers

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