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Cleaning And Maintenance For All Types Of Concrete

There are many types of concrete sealants, each with different advantages and uses. No matter what kind of concrete coating your floor has, you can easily care for and preserve your floors with the following tips:

Polished Concrete Floor Maintenance

For polished concrete, always keep your floor vacuumed and free of dirt. In the event of a spill, clean dirt and debris from polished concrete surface immediately, and avoid bleach or citrus based cleaners. Additionally, furniture should have protective pads placed beneath the legs to protect the polished surface. A microfiber mop is best used for cleaning this type of surface. Heavily soiled areas will require localised cleaning prior to cleaning entire polished concrete area. Use a low ph-balanced cleaner and rinse with clean water after use.

Grind and Seal Floor Care

Grind and seal is a type of concrete grinding which has a clear coating system installed. These floor coatings usually require 5-7 days to be fully sealed. Again, always keep this type of flooring clean and vacuumed. To prevent damage, use protective pads underneath furniture. Use a microfiber mop and a low ph-cleanser for cleaning. In high traffic areas, consider re-application of surface coatings every 5 years for preservation.

Epoxy Floor Maintenance

An epoxy surface on concrete makes floors wear and chemical-resistant. As with other types of concrete, spills to this surface should be cleaned immediately. For heavy spills, localised cleaning prior to cleaning the entire epoxy area can be effective. For localised cleaning, use a gentle ph-neutral cleaning solution that is specialized for floor care. Apply the floor care solution with an auto scrubber or simply use a mop and clean, warm water. In either situation, always rinse your concrete surface with clean water after use. Depending on use, we recommend the re-applying the epoxy approximately every 10 years.

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